How do I turn off the flymake, or alternativly find way to fix the warnings it shows me?

Here’s what I found about

  • Flymake to check format of the code, and make sure it adhears to python standards
  • Yapf is a package that reformat the code according to the standard.

To get Flymake to work, I needed to enable flymake-mode Then run C-c C-v to get the list of errors. I can go error by error and fix. But I can also do C-c C-r f to run auto refactoring. In this case Elpy is using the refactoring package (Yapf) to reformat the code.

At first I had an error, and although I had Yapf installed, Emacs kept telling me that it’s not. I found the solution in this issue: Elpy error: yapf not installed

I needed to restart the RPC process, by running M-x elpy-rpc-restart

Ok, with that out of the way, I need to get back to the code.